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Design Force, Inc. proudly announces that has published its President, Ted Mininni’s latest article: “Play: Bringing Virtual & Real Worlds Together” in the November 18, 2011 issue of its popular marketing ezine’s “Brandspeak” section.

In his latest article, Mr. Mininni observes: “The worlds of real and virtual play are literally almost seamless now, as consumers of all ages, especially kids, interact with their favorite brands on multiple platforms. Of course, they are evolving as technology progresses. Largely thanks to cell phones and iPads, portability has enabled people to take their entertainment everywhere and tap into it 24/7, 365. So why not launch licensed consumer products that tap into this trend?”

As the article progresses Mr. Mininni gives a few examples of real toys that are being integrated on virtual platforms thanks to new apps and technologies. In a recent interview, he stated: “Smart companies like Hasbro, Mattel and Disney recognize that kids are engaging with iPads, mobile phones and other new technology. New apps make it possible to turn these platforms into play scapes that kids really enjoy engaging with. By taking some of their favorite toys and making them part of this new world, the brand is extended and kids feel more loyal to them.”

Mr. Mininni shrewdly observes that at its core: “Getting and retaining kids’ attention – and loyalty – when they’re clearly bombarded by a staggering amount of stimuli and new pop cult trends is the trick.”

“What’s terrific about the merging of real toys with virtual platforms is that kids can take them wherever they go and engage with more frequency. They can share them with their friends very easily. When it comes to new ways for kids to engage and play with toys, and share these experiences with their friends no matter where they live, the future is here.”