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Design Force, Inc. proudly announces that Brand Packaging magazine has published its president, Ted Mininni’s latest thought leadership article on toy packaging, “Cutting Wrap Rage Out of Toy Packaging” in its April 3, 2012 online issue. The piece will also be published in the April issue of the respected magazine.

In his latest article, Mr. Mininni points to a recent consumer study in which 75% of respondents indicated that many consumer products are over-packaged. While many manufacturers have reduced their packaging, more work remains to be done; especially in the toy industry. Toy packaging has long been the source of frustration and “wrap rage” for consumers.

Mr. Mininni: “Toy industry leaders Mattel and Hasbro have made inroads reducing packaging and removing package elements like twist ties that consumers have cited as problematic. Opening toy packaging should be an anticipatory, enjoyable event for parents and their kids. It should deliver a positive experience with the brand and reinforce its assets; nothing is more important than enjoyment in toy and entertainment brands. As a result, packaging is rightfully a current focus among toy brand owners.”

As the article unfolds, Mr. Mininni points to smaller, niche toy companies that are delivering extraordinary package design concepts. Reducing overall packaging, employing sustainable strategies and removing all obstacles that lead to wrap rage in a creative manner help to build brand equity and loyalty. In a recent interview, Mr. Mininni stated: “These smart strategies put small toy companies on the map. Well-designed, creative toys should be packaged in equally well-designed, thoughtful packaging. This is perfect brand alignment and meaningful to a new generation of parents and kids.”